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Make your room beauty with indoor plant

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General indoor plants are plants that can live with limited sunlight. In fact, there are plants that color will be more glossy leaves when placed in the room. Plants that can be selected is Aglaonema constatum or Siamese aglaonema aurora, various species of palm, sanseviera, Dracena sanderiana, philodendron, sphatiphyllum.
Plants are placed in the room also serves as an anti-pollutant, meaning that this plant can eliminate air pollution or toxic gases in the room by way of sucking and then replace it with fresh air. This is very useful, because the pollutants are not only derived from the fumes or smoke from the plant room, but also can come from such indoor pollutants from cleaning materials, smoke cigarettes, furniture, paint, glue, and others.

The impact of the pollutants are able to cause diseases such as strep throat, mouth irritation glands, respiratory distress, headache, allergic skin, eye, and even can lead to liver cancer.

Indoor Pot Plants
To add to the aesthetic function of plants, you can use a beautiful pot and in accordance with the plant. The following tips can be consider as you choose to plant pots:

Adjust the size of the pot with the plant
If the selected plants are large, would also be a large pot. The appropriate pot size is very important because it will affect the growth of plant roots and shoots. The marker is the size of the pot is already in accordance with the tried putting a potted plant. If plants can enter freely means that the size was appropriate.
Material potter
Pot plants are generally made of plastic or clay. Pot of plastic will maintain soil moisture and temperature longer. While the pot with the clay material can make the moisture in normal circumstances. Clay pots also have pores that can remove excess water.
Using a pot cover
Pot is pretty sure will sweeten your room. Pots made of ceramic, rattan, wood, metal used as a decorative pot. In general, when using a decorative pot with a variety of carvings and beauty, the pot is only used as the covering of the pot in it is usual just simple plastic pots or clay. Pot beautiful veil, usually have higher prices so impractical when transported to the plant when removed from the room. This also prevents the veil is not a dirty pot.

* Use a pot with a variety of sizes
In order for the room is not monotonous, you can choose from a variety of plants put sizes, ranging from small to large. Each plant can use a beautiful decorative plants to add to the beauty of the room.

* Match your decorative pots with plants
In order for decorative pot not impressed too much, you can adjust the plant. If the plant has a unique leaf, you can choose to use a simple pot. Instead, the pot with busy patterns can be paired for the plant that has a simple leaf. You can also customize the color of the pot cover with a leaf or flower color of plants.

* Adjust the color pot with your home interior style
This meant that the pot is not contradictory and damaging the interior of the house as a whole.

* Using ground cover
You can add sand or stone as a decorative ground cover over the pot to cover the planting medium.

Indoor Plant Care
For the treatment of indoor plants in pots placed among others:

* Conduct regular fertilizing because the plants only get food from a limited pot.
* Replace the pot on a regular basis the staggeringly potted plants to keep the size according to the size of the plant.
* Every week or 2 weeks to remove the plants to get sunlight for 2 to 3 hours.
* Prune the leaves withered and old.

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narti mengatakan...
29 September 2009 00.48

bagus buat sirkulasi juga pemandangan. sayang disini sulit menanam pohon di dalam ruangan.

denpry mengatakan...
30 September 2009 01.13

benar juga yach yang namanya rumah kalo pemandangannya gak bagus gak bakalan kerasan...say setuju sekali ruangan dikasih hiasan biar suasana jadi hidup

lina@happy family mengatakan...
8 Oktober 2009 06.16

I agree. Adding indoor plant in a room will make a big difference.

muktiali mengatakan...
4 Januari 2010 17.45

the nice posting friend

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11 Januari 2010 21.10

hi friend,,, i like ur post... ya it's so nice idea to indoor plant... visit him..

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