Minggu, 13 Desember 2009

Things to Understand Before Painting

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Paint is not only a protective or wallpaper that has aesthetic value, but also significantly impacted on the change room. Only by painting over the wall in an area, nuance and a new impression is created.

In other words, this is the fastest way to change the atmosphere. The cost was not too much when compared to replacing new furniture. However, there are some things that must be understood before painting.
Painting the room starts from the top area. In this case, the ceiling was a top priority for the painting, then to the walls, wooden windows, and others.

Clean the surface to be painted properly. scratch layers of old paint is peeling, then give sandpaper for smoothing. This will give the paint surface better after a dry and durable.
The size of the brush should be tailored to large painted surfaces to provide excellent results. Roller should be used for large surfaces such as walls and ceilings, to be more efficient time.

When using more than one gallon of paint, paint mix all materials since the beginning of the process, although composed of the same color. It is important to maintain color consistency
To select a paint color, adjust the dominant colors found in a room, such as furniture, curtains, or carpets. On the surface large enough, usually the color will appear darker. For that, choose paint that has one or two levels lighter than desired color. Still, can not be denied at least a dark color, too. depends on the intensity of light coming in and other interior color selection.

Calculate paint finishing techniques, polished or not, adapted to the needs of the room. If not proficient in using a variety of paint techniques, should not use the type of glossy as they may leave a trace of brushstrokes irregular, thus disturbing the aesthetic value of the room.

Estimate material needs a good paint. Comparison of the standard is any area of 9 square meters require 5 kg of paint.

Choose quality paint. One characteristic that contain enamel, which serves as a reinforcement layer of paint, so not easily fall out or moldy.
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Senin, 12 Oktober 2009

Lamp for your home

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Almost in every house to use as a lamp lights. As a light, electric light the most commonly used as artificial light for a house, can be classified into 3 major groups, namely incandescent lamps, halogen lamps and fluorescent lamps.

The many types of lighting currently make you need to consider what factors should you consider when choosing a lamp. Here are some factors you can consider:

1. The first step you can do is to determine the placement spots lights, especially those planted on a wall or ceiling.
This is done before you build or renovate housing.

2. It is better if the placement of lights adapted to environmental conditions.
That is, for the lights should be placed outside using stainless steel, aluminum or painted steel against corrosion.

3. Specify color lights you want to use.
Lights with light-colored character was allegedly able to generate a warm atmosphere and romantic, so it is suitable placed in the bedroom or other space used for leisure. While the white light is more suitable for use in the workplace. Determination of color of this light by itself will guide you make a choice between fluorescent and incandescent lamps.

4. Customize your lamp with the character of the model house.
Lamp with a classic traditional design would be visible when placed on jomplang house with modern minimalist concept.

5. The nature of radiating heat lamps can also be used as weighing factors when you choose the house lights.
As a whole, the house lights that you choose should be resistant to heat, not easy to melt and is not flammable.
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Rabu, 16 September 2009

Make your room beauty with indoor plant

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General indoor plants are plants that can live with limited sunlight. In fact, there are plants that color will be more glossy leaves when placed in the room. Plants that can be selected is Aglaonema constatum or Siamese aglaonema aurora, various species of palm, sanseviera, Dracena sanderiana, philodendron, sphatiphyllum.
Plants are placed in the room also serves as an anti-pollutant, meaning that this plant can eliminate air pollution or toxic gases in the room by way of sucking and then replace it with fresh air. This is very useful, because the pollutants are not only derived from the fumes or smoke from the plant room, but also can come from such indoor pollutants from cleaning materials, smoke cigarettes, furniture, paint, glue, and others.

The impact of the pollutants are able to cause diseases such as strep throat, mouth irritation glands, respiratory distress, headache, allergic skin, eye, and even can lead to liver cancer.

Indoor Pot Plants
To add to the aesthetic function of plants, you can use a beautiful pot and in accordance with the plant. The following tips can be consider as you choose to plant pots:

Adjust the size of the pot with the plant
If the selected plants are large, would also be a large pot. The appropriate pot size is very important because it will affect the growth of plant roots and shoots. The marker is the size of the pot is already in accordance with the tried putting a potted plant. If plants can enter freely means that the size was appropriate.
Material potter
Pot plants are generally made of plastic or clay. Pot of plastic will maintain soil moisture and temperature longer. While the pot with the clay material can make the moisture in normal circumstances. Clay pots also have pores that can remove excess water.
Using a pot cover
Pot is pretty sure will sweeten your room. Pots made of ceramic, rattan, wood, metal used as a decorative pot. In general, when using a decorative pot with a variety of carvings and beauty, the pot is only used as the covering of the pot in it is usual just simple plastic pots or clay. Pot beautiful veil, usually have higher prices so impractical when transported to the plant when removed from the room. This also prevents the veil is not a dirty pot.

* Use a pot with a variety of sizes
In order for the room is not monotonous, you can choose from a variety of plants put sizes, ranging from small to large. Each plant can use a beautiful decorative plants to add to the beauty of the room.

* Match your decorative pots with plants
In order for decorative pot not impressed too much, you can adjust the plant. If the plant has a unique leaf, you can choose to use a simple pot. Instead, the pot with busy patterns can be paired for the plant that has a simple leaf. You can also customize the color of the pot cover with a leaf or flower color of plants.

* Adjust the color pot with your home interior style
This meant that the pot is not contradictory and damaging the interior of the house as a whole.

* Using ground cover
You can add sand or stone as a decorative ground cover over the pot to cover the planting medium.

Indoor Plant Care
For the treatment of indoor plants in pots placed among others:

* Conduct regular fertilizing because the plants only get food from a limited pot.
* Replace the pot on a regular basis the staggeringly potted plants to keep the size according to the size of the plant.
* Every week or 2 weeks to remove the plants to get sunlight for 2 to 3 hours.
* Prune the leaves withered and old.
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Selasa, 18 Agustus 2009

Healthy kitchen in your room

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Kitchen, the room is the place to be identical activity the housewife. This is in place, the mother provides food for her husband and son. Kitchen in the past as a place to be dirty and smelly is not tasty. How about your kitchen? Do you have a kitchen design reflects a healthy kitchen?
Contention that the kitchen as a place that is not excessively dirty.
Due to food, there are a lot of food to be prepared with the aroma of divers kinds in the kitchen. Not to waste result so that the kitchen can be one of the rooms where the growth of seedlings in your home. Even the kitchen is dirty and damp can come fishing ant such as insects and animals and does fly in your home. This can be a source of disease for your family. So, to create a healthy kitchen, you can observe the following.

Lights in the Kitchen

Light is one of the important issues that need to be able to cook because it is required that is quite enlightening. Light itself can be obtained from 2 sources, namely light and sun light.

Sun light
Sunlight is very beneficial for diseases that kill the seeds in the kitchen. Because often in the kitchen so that the waste produced seed disease often appear in this room. To be able to get enough sunlight, when the kitchen would make a note the number and size of the window or open space so that it can get enough sun. With sufficient sunlight, it means no need to set the lights in the daytime so that saves the use of electricity.
Light lamp
Because sunlight is not available every time, then light the lamp as the light is also needed replacement. There are 3 types of lights that can be used in the kitchen, namely:
o Light General
Used to illuminate the kitchen, especially when there is no sunlight. Light should not light too dim or too bright so it can be unsightly.
o Light Special
Usually use the halogen lamp and placed under the kitchen set. Used to illuminate specific areas, for example, in a place used to cut food, so that the lamp can be seen more clearly the color of food and know whether the condition of the food is still good or not.
o Light accents
Lighting is used to enhance the display kitchen. Generally placed in a cupboard in the cabinet doors that contain glass display. With the presence of light this will reinforce the beauty of the kitchen.

Air circulation in the Kitchen

In the process of cooking, the smoke generated as a result of the filth. Certainly not comfortable, if smoke can not be excluded from the kitchen. Exchange of air with fresh air that can occur when there is a window or hole that connects to the room open. However, if your kitchen does not have it, you can use the cooker hood will suck the smoke of cooking so that the air in the kitchen to be more fresh.

Kitchen Hygiene

Kitchen of the household waste in the home. So that the waste produced does not cause disease and does not smell tasty, then you must ensure that the kitchen stays clean. How to clean the kitchen is finished cooking. Spray oil, dressing or spillage of water spray should be cleaned immediately. In addition, you also must remove the waste that is in the kitchen every day because the waste is stored more than one day will be the place where the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Therefore, with attention to lighting in the kitchen, the kitchen is not your place to be a dark and dirty. In addition to maintaining the air circulation in the kitchen, you will also have a kitchen that is not humid and not smelly. And kitchen hygiene is also important to maintain a healthy kitchen. Of course you will create the best health for your family is not it? Therefore, from now on, keep the kitchen cleaning and your health. Happy

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Tips for your bathroom

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Bathroom is part of a house. Summary of the morning started this place. When we want to build or renovate a bathroom and a good healthy, there are things we should consider.

Some aspects to be considered, such as size, condition bathroom whether dry or wet, location, lighting, air circulation, and security.
The size of a small bathroom, especially depending on the available land. When the house we are large, we can make a big bathroom. But when we land the home is limited, the bathroom should also be adjusted. Other factor is the activity carried out in the bathroom. When the bathroom or dress up as a place you may be happy to berendam bathroom size must be greater

Dry or wet
Bathroom floor with the dry look more clean. However, the floor is still wet more preferred because the bathroom habits of Indonesia. Can also put the bathroom when the dry and wet in one room. Which the attention is that the separator should have a dry floor is not wet. For example, using the separator or glass fiber can also be made with the wet surface and a lower separated plastic curtains.
Laying objects in the room should be arranged as well. Eg sink placed to the front so that when washing their hands, we do not need to go to the bathroom or in the closet should not be placed after a wet floor area.
Bathroom is often the place of the germs of disease. So, if possible, in order to design a bathroom can get sunlight, for example, by using transparent tile or other transparent material through which the sun light. Because the presence of sunlight can prevent germs growing. In addition, it can help save the use of light in the afternoon.
To be healthy, in the bathroom there is also need air circulation. Circulation is not good you can make a bathroom does not smell scrumptious. Then can be grating at the bottom of the door or at the top of the bathroom. If not possible to install the grille, the exhaust fan can be installed.
Security bathrooms also need to be, because we do not want to have family members wounded or fell in the bathroom. So for the floor, should not selected a floor slippery. Hygiene must be observed also, that no moss so that the bathroom becomes slippery.

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Kamis, 06 Agustus 2009

Meaning colour of your home

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It is necessary to paint the house you choose carefully. Color can give more than just the beauty of your home. Color can have an influence in the mood or a mood. Bright and lustrous colors will add spirit, while the pastel colors will make the atmosphere calm and rileks. Some colors may appear darker when used on the walls in the building, but the same color can also be seen in the light outside the room. 

Because fear is not considered suitable and excessive, most people use neutral colors like white, beige or gray color to the whole house so that you can not describe the self. Given the importance of color, so if you plan to paint the house with a new color, it's good to know you described the meaning of a particular color. 

Note the image or Color Wheel Color Wheel in addition to, that describes the order of colors. Color that is located at the position directly opposite on the Color Wheel with each other is called complementary colors. If the colors are placed side by side, it will increase the intensity of the color or colors is called as a dare. 

While for a more conservative color and not the color, then choose some of the variations of light and dark colors on the same. For example, select the old green and light green. Color of this type is referred to as the color monokromatik.

The influence of Color House 
Here is some information and paint color choices explanation for the meaning and impact your mood: 

Color Red 
Describes the full energy, active, warm and vibrant. Excessive red can give the impression anger and ambition. 
Color Yellow 
Yellow with the sun providing the energy and spirit. Often equated with the color gold that describes the prosperity and luxury. Can be applied in the work space. 
Color Blue 
Is the color of the sea and the sky is impressive quietness, stillness, peace, comfort and protection. Other effect is to give the impression relieved and knowledgeable. Suitable for the bedroom. 
Color Orange 
Prepossess cloudless, warm, happy, full of energy and stimulating. You can give color to this mess. 
Color Green 
Color that is often seen and described the nature. The effect of this color is to provide harmonious atmosphere, quiet, relaxed, natural, soothing, calm and refreshing. Bedroom suitable when using this color. 
Color Brown 
One of the natural color gives the impression that warm, comfortable, natural, familiar and tranquility. Can be used for living room or family room. Brown can also be used in rooms that are too large not to cause a cold impression. 
Color White 
Neutral color matches any color with the applied. Using this color usually reflect cleanliness, purity and smoothness. Use the room will give the impression of greater space. When will describe the excessive cold and sterile. If you have a modern kitchen, color is also ideal for showing your kitchen hygiene. 
Color Gray 
Normally used for home-style minimalist. Make a stable atmosphere, knowledgeable, menentramkan. Too many use this color will make the atmosphere cool and knowledgeable excessive. 
Color Black 
Color atmosphere that gives full protection, valiant, magnificent, and elegant. 
Change the atmosphere can also be done without having to paint the house as a whole. You can re-arrange the interior space. It is also suitable for you who do not want to paint the house or in the fear still apply the color. For example, keeping the walls with neutral colors and colors can be applied on the table lamp, carpet, curtain, sofa, bed linen, table, sofa pillow cushion cover, or placed on display in the room. Colors of this furniture will give the next color in the room. 

You can also use the color so that the derivative can be applied more than one color in the room. Color space can also vary but must have the house so still feel as one unit. Now, you can express themselves freely when making your home renovation.
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