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Healthy kitchen in your room

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Kitchen, the room is the place to be identical activity the housewife. This is in place, the mother provides food for her husband and son. Kitchen in the past as a place to be dirty and smelly is not tasty. How about your kitchen? Do you have a kitchen design reflects a healthy kitchen?
Contention that the kitchen as a place that is not excessively dirty.
Due to food, there are a lot of food to be prepared with the aroma of divers kinds in the kitchen. Not to waste result so that the kitchen can be one of the rooms where the growth of seedlings in your home. Even the kitchen is dirty and damp can come fishing ant such as insects and animals and does fly in your home. This can be a source of disease for your family. So, to create a healthy kitchen, you can observe the following.

Lights in the Kitchen

Light is one of the important issues that need to be able to cook because it is required that is quite enlightening. Light itself can be obtained from 2 sources, namely light and sun light.

Sun light
Sunlight is very beneficial for diseases that kill the seeds in the kitchen. Because often in the kitchen so that the waste produced seed disease often appear in this room. To be able to get enough sunlight, when the kitchen would make a note the number and size of the window or open space so that it can get enough sun. With sufficient sunlight, it means no need to set the lights in the daytime so that saves the use of electricity.
Light lamp
Because sunlight is not available every time, then light the lamp as the light is also needed replacement. There are 3 types of lights that can be used in the kitchen, namely:
o Light General
Used to illuminate the kitchen, especially when there is no sunlight. Light should not light too dim or too bright so it can be unsightly.
o Light Special
Usually use the halogen lamp and placed under the kitchen set. Used to illuminate specific areas, for example, in a place used to cut food, so that the lamp can be seen more clearly the color of food and know whether the condition of the food is still good or not.
o Light accents
Lighting is used to enhance the display kitchen. Generally placed in a cupboard in the cabinet doors that contain glass display. With the presence of light this will reinforce the beauty of the kitchen.

Air circulation in the Kitchen

In the process of cooking, the smoke generated as a result of the filth. Certainly not comfortable, if smoke can not be excluded from the kitchen. Exchange of air with fresh air that can occur when there is a window or hole that connects to the room open. However, if your kitchen does not have it, you can use the cooker hood will suck the smoke of cooking so that the air in the kitchen to be more fresh.

Kitchen Hygiene

Kitchen of the household waste in the home. So that the waste produced does not cause disease and does not smell tasty, then you must ensure that the kitchen stays clean. How to clean the kitchen is finished cooking. Spray oil, dressing or spillage of water spray should be cleaned immediately. In addition, you also must remove the waste that is in the kitchen every day because the waste is stored more than one day will be the place where the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Therefore, with attention to lighting in the kitchen, the kitchen is not your place to be a dark and dirty. In addition to maintaining the air circulation in the kitchen, you will also have a kitchen that is not humid and not smelly. And kitchen hygiene is also important to maintain a healthy kitchen. Of course you will create the best health for your family is not it? Therefore, from now on, keep the kitchen cleaning and your health. Happy

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