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Things to Understand Before Painting

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Paint is not only a protective or wallpaper that has aesthetic value, but also significantly impacted on the change room. Only by painting over the wall in an area, nuance and a new impression is created.

In other words, this is the fastest way to change the atmosphere. The cost was not too much when compared to replacing new furniture. However, there are some things that must be understood before painting.
Painting the room starts from the top area. In this case, the ceiling was a top priority for the painting, then to the walls, wooden windows, and others.

Clean the surface to be painted properly. scratch layers of old paint is peeling, then give sandpaper for smoothing. This will give the paint surface better after a dry and durable.
The size of the brush should be tailored to large painted surfaces to provide excellent results. Roller should be used for large surfaces such as walls and ceilings, to be more efficient time.

When using more than one gallon of paint, paint mix all materials since the beginning of the process, although composed of the same color. It is important to maintain color consistency
To select a paint color, adjust the dominant colors found in a room, such as furniture, curtains, or carpets. On the surface large enough, usually the color will appear darker. For that, choose paint that has one or two levels lighter than desired color. Still, can not be denied at least a dark color, too. depends on the intensity of light coming in and other interior color selection.

Calculate paint finishing techniques, polished or not, adapted to the needs of the room. If not proficient in using a variety of paint techniques, should not use the type of glossy as they may leave a trace of brushstrokes irregular, thus disturbing the aesthetic value of the room.

Estimate material needs a good paint. Comparison of the standard is any area of 9 square meters require 5 kg of paint.

Choose quality paint. One characteristic that contain enamel, which serves as a reinforcement layer of paint, so not easily fall out or moldy.

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ekosulistio mengatakan...
14 Desember 2009 03.18

nice info.... more action to paint your wall

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14 Desember 2009 18.04

wah bnyak ya hal yang perlu dipersiapkan...

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14 Desember 2009 18.04

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21 Desember 2009 19.26

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21 Desember 2009 21.54

wow nice post friends

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21 Desember 2009 21.55

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22 Desember 2009 18.42

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29 Desember 2009 03.20

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29 Desember 2009 05.01

Wishing you Merry X-mas and prosperous NEW YEAR!!!

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Herdoni mengatakan...
24 Januari 2010 19.05

A very good input before starting to paint our house. With the right colors and interesting, the new atmosphere that comes added comfort us to stay at home.

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