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The Four Energy Saving Areas in Your Home

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Basically, you’ve got four major energy saving opportunities in your home…

1. Lighting
2. Appliances and electronics
3. Heating & cooling
4. Water heating

You could, of course, break it down even more. Each of us has hundreds of ways we could be saving more energy, but the above four are major and a good place to start.

For lighting you can save more by incorporating day lighting into your home with energy efficient windows, skylights, and light tunnels. You can buy energy efficient bulbs and keep the lighting to a minimum or as needed basis. You can also remind family members to simply turn off the lights.

Appliances and electronic equipment makes up about 20% of your home energy usage and costs so it’s smart to purchase energy efficient versions of things like televisions, microwaves, refrigerators, washers and dryers, audio equipment and anything else you plug in. You may be able to get rebates on many of the items you buy. To further use these items efficiently, use them sparingly – i.e. hang dry many clothes instead of using the dryer each time. Plug all items in one space into one power strip then turn the whole darn strip off when you leave the room. Also, cook wisely – you don’t need the stove for everything.

For heating and cooling think ahead of time. Make sure you build or buy a home that’s got energy saving features such as good orientation, evergreen windbreaks, try passive solar design, and weatherize properly for winter. Also little adjustments such as turning the heat down a few notches adds up over time.

Heating your water can actually account for as much as 25% of your energy use. Try a solar water heater or the next time you upgrade, upgrade to the most efficient model you can. Insulate your hot water pipes and heater, install a water timer, and do the little things like taking shorter showers.

If you do all of the above it will not only save you energy but it will put money directly in your pocket – good timing with the holidays here.

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23 Februari 2010 18.35

nice info...., this great tips... save our energy.. :)

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yes....i agree with you. Nice posting....keep the best.

lina@home sweet home mengatakan...
6 Mei 2010 05.13

Great advice, thanks :)

Cannes apartments rentals mengatakan...
21 September 2010 04.15

Make sure you build or buy a home that’s got energy saving features such as good orientation, evergreen windbreaks...

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20 Oktober 2010 19.03

green building concept here....great post u have shared here....keep green by green

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