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Organizing Tips for Small Houses

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My house is a palace. The phrase is indeed true, sometimes when away from home feeling of longing for that comfort of home is often blanketed. But if our house is too small and simple, is it still able to give comfort?

Having a small house that does not mean you do not feel comfortable to occupants. Feel spacious and neat still be obtained if you can work around this.
In order for the little house looked comfortable, spacious and beautiful, try to arrange the tips apply a small house the following:

Take advantage of every room seefesien possible. Utilization of the empty spaces in the house to put the goods, such as room under the stairs which can be used as storage. But avoiding the accumulation of goods that are not useful, because it will make the house more and more narrow land.

Notice the lighting of lamps. Take advantage of two types of light, yellow and white. Yellow light to give the impression of more warm, fresh, natural and romantic. While the white light will give effect to the cold, formal and unnatural.

Settings window is also very important, because it should make sure when building a house dipasangan window with the right position. This also affects the installation of glass, which will provide significant benefits in comfort and home health. Incoming sunlight into the room will provide warmth and expand sweeping views.

Selection of wall color. We recommend that you select a paint with warm colors because dark colors tend to make the room seem more cramped. If you want to install the wallpaper, choose a striped thin, lightweight with a soft color or pattern of small boxes which can rest the view and relax the mind.

If your house has two floors, choose a ladder made from lightweight materials, for example, metal.

For household furniture, use simple designs furniture with soft colors or a color close to the wall so as not to seem heavy and narrow.

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