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6 Rules, Home Free of Germs

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Accustomed to submit all cleaning duties to assistant household? That may be, provided we do not wash their hands just like that. Teach our household assistant 6 ammo create a healthy home that is free from germs.

Rule # 1 Clean carpets regularly with a vacuum cleaner.

"Do not for reasons of fear is broken, we are rarely clean the carpet. Instead, let the dust settle on the carpet for too long can be hazardous to our health," said Jeff Campbell, author of Speed Cleaning. However, every day cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner is not the right solution. Why? For a vacuum cleaner equipped with a rotating brush when ignited. "And this means that potentially damage the carpet fibers us," said Jeffrey Gross of the Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration. "To avoid this, we can set the vacuum cleaner at a high level (high speed)," Gross suggestions.

Rule # 2 Free the plants from dust.

Like putting greenery in the house? If so, it should be noted that like other furniture, plants also need to be cleaned from dust. Thick pile of dust that will cover the pores of the leaf which is a channel to release water vapor and the occurrence of photosynthesis. No need every day, but if our homes are located in areas that tend to be dusty, then do the cleaning at least once a week.
How: Wipe leaves with a damp cloth or wet sponge. We can also spray water on the plants slowly.

Rule # 3 Books and close the refrigerator as necessary.

Got a hobby opening and closing the refrigerator? Immediately stop the habit. Why? Often open the refrigerator will make the refrigerator temperature changing and stored food faster decay. "Optimal refrigerator temperature is between 4 and 8 degrees Celsius. The temperature is more than it will accelerate the growth of bacteria so that the food so quickly broken, "said Dr. John C. Chandrawinata, MND, SpGK, nutritionists and Prevention Advisory Council.

Rule # 4 Do not stack the dishes in the sink.

In addition to unsightly, dirty dishes pile will invite germs and bacteria to live and grow. The danger again, this condition also allows the bacteria migrate to other tools in the kitchen. "Water is the most ideal medium for bacteria to breed," said Joseph Rubino, Director of Microbiology, Reckitt Benckiser in Montvale, New Jersey. "We can soak dirty dishes, provided that no more than 1-2 hours," advises Rubino.

Rule # 5 Clean new furniture with cleaning fluid.

Although the look clean and sleek, this did not rule that in or the sidelines of the new furniture there are lice or other organisms that can harm our health and comfort of a family. To be safe, be sure to clean it thoroughly beforehand, especially those made of wood.
Here's how: Rub all parts of the new furniture with a cloth soaked with a special cleaning fluid. This move will kill germs and prevent the others to descend again.

Rule # 6 Sprinkle the plant every morning.

The best time for watering the plants is in the morning, the maximum at 09.00 am. So advice from Trey Rogers, professor of crop science specialist grass at Michigan State University in East Lansing. Then, why do during the day becomes a bad choice? Hot weather will make the water on the plants become quickly evaporate before being absorbed. As a result, the plant also looks dry. In the meantime, if watering done at night, the plants will be moist and easy overgrown with fungi and pests.

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nice tips.....
make your home free from germs

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All the tips were great..Thanks for sharing..Would be helpful for all the people..

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Thank You..your posting is very helpful..

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