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Meaning colour of your home

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It is necessary to paint the house you choose carefully. Color can give more than just the beauty of your home. Color can have an influence in the mood or a mood. Bright and lustrous colors will add spirit, while the pastel colors will make the atmosphere calm and rileks. Some colors may appear darker when used on the walls in the building, but the same color can also be seen in the light outside the room. 

Because fear is not considered suitable and excessive, most people use neutral colors like white, beige or gray color to the whole house so that you can not describe the self. Given the importance of color, so if you plan to paint the house with a new color, it's good to know you described the meaning of a particular color. 

Note the image or Color Wheel Color Wheel in addition to, that describes the order of colors. Color that is located at the position directly opposite on the Color Wheel with each other is called complementary colors. If the colors are placed side by side, it will increase the intensity of the color or colors is called as a dare. 

While for a more conservative color and not the color, then choose some of the variations of light and dark colors on the same. For example, select the old green and light green. Color of this type is referred to as the color monokromatik.

The influence of Color House 
Here is some information and paint color choices explanation for the meaning and impact your mood: 

Color Red 
Describes the full energy, active, warm and vibrant. Excessive red can give the impression anger and ambition. 
Color Yellow 
Yellow with the sun providing the energy and spirit. Often equated with the color gold that describes the prosperity and luxury. Can be applied in the work space. 
Color Blue 
Is the color of the sea and the sky is impressive quietness, stillness, peace, comfort and protection. Other effect is to give the impression relieved and knowledgeable. Suitable for the bedroom. 
Color Orange 
Prepossess cloudless, warm, happy, full of energy and stimulating. You can give color to this mess. 
Color Green 
Color that is often seen and described the nature. The effect of this color is to provide harmonious atmosphere, quiet, relaxed, natural, soothing, calm and refreshing. Bedroom suitable when using this color. 
Color Brown 
One of the natural color gives the impression that warm, comfortable, natural, familiar and tranquility. Can be used for living room or family room. Brown can also be used in rooms that are too large not to cause a cold impression. 
Color White 
Neutral color matches any color with the applied. Using this color usually reflect cleanliness, purity and smoothness. Use the room will give the impression of greater space. When will describe the excessive cold and sterile. If you have a modern kitchen, color is also ideal for showing your kitchen hygiene. 
Color Gray 
Normally used for home-style minimalist. Make a stable atmosphere, knowledgeable, menentramkan. Too many use this color will make the atmosphere cool and knowledgeable excessive. 
Color Black 
Color atmosphere that gives full protection, valiant, magnificent, and elegant. 
Change the atmosphere can also be done without having to paint the house as a whole. You can re-arrange the interior space. It is also suitable for you who do not want to paint the house or in the fear still apply the color. For example, keeping the walls with neutral colors and colors can be applied on the table lamp, carpet, curtain, sofa, bed linen, table, sofa pillow cushion cover, or placed on display in the room. Colors of this furniture will give the next color in the room. 

You can also use the color so that the derivative can be applied more than one color in the room. Color space can also vary but must have the house so still feel as one unit. Now, you can express themselves freely when making your home renovation.

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