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Tips for your bathroom

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Bathroom is part of a house. Summary of the morning started this place. When we want to build or renovate a bathroom and a good healthy, there are things we should consider.

Some aspects to be considered, such as size, condition bathroom whether dry or wet, location, lighting, air circulation, and security.
The size of a small bathroom, especially depending on the available land. When the house we are large, we can make a big bathroom. But when we land the home is limited, the bathroom should also be adjusted. Other factor is the activity carried out in the bathroom. When the bathroom or dress up as a place you may be happy to berendam bathroom size must be greater

Dry or wet
Bathroom floor with the dry look more clean. However, the floor is still wet more preferred because the bathroom habits of Indonesia. Can also put the bathroom when the dry and wet in one room. Which the attention is that the separator should have a dry floor is not wet. For example, using the separator or glass fiber can also be made with the wet surface and a lower separated plastic curtains.
Laying objects in the room should be arranged as well. Eg sink placed to the front so that when washing their hands, we do not need to go to the bathroom or in the closet should not be placed after a wet floor area.
Bathroom is often the place of the germs of disease. So, if possible, in order to design a bathroom can get sunlight, for example, by using transparent tile or other transparent material through which the sun light. Because the presence of sunlight can prevent germs growing. In addition, it can help save the use of light in the afternoon.
To be healthy, in the bathroom there is also need air circulation. Circulation is not good you can make a bathroom does not smell scrumptious. Then can be grating at the bottom of the door or at the top of the bathroom. If not possible to install the grille, the exhaust fan can be installed.
Security bathrooms also need to be, because we do not want to have family members wounded or fell in the bathroom. So for the floor, should not selected a floor slippery. Hygiene must be observed also, that no moss so that the bathroom becomes slippery.

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ekosulistio mengatakan...
19 Agustus 2009 23.38

nice info...., bery helpfull

Herdoni Wahyono mengatakan...
30 Agustus 2009 20.53

Tips yang sangat bagus.
Kamar mandi yang begitu bersih, sehat dan nyaman. Serasa sangat nyaman kita berada didalamnya.

Salam sukses buat

Koko James mengatakan...
4 September 2009 09.34

wah i like these tips..thx a lot.

sewa komputer mengatakan...
30 September 2009 01.47

visit to website, i want to know about bisnis...thanx

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